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IR 14 And PR 14 Rice

Rice has dependably been being referred to at whatever point there is a discourse of practicing good eating habits. Individuals confront difficulty of whether to incorporate rice in their eating regimen or not, particularly when they're hoping to live sound life. Our IR 14 and PR 14 rice is cleanly prepared sorted clean Rice. It possesses great measure of fragrance and rich taste. Because of sparing cost ordinarily it is utilized as replacement to Basmati Rice in rarities such as Biryani and browned rice. Our IR 14 and PR 14 rice has less starch and simple for processing in body. Some grains are elongated and some viewed as medium grains, meanwhile, some are thick or short, and additionally some are globule formed and some is by all accounts round.

Key Points:

  • Simple to digest and includes least starch content
  • Completely nurtured grain
  • Preserves quality and nutrition even after cooking
  • Regarded as staple sustenance to be added in regular diet