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IR 36 Rice

Our IR 36 rice is unique in relation to other rice for the most part because of the elongation and aroma following cooking. No different rice possesses this amalgamated property. It is surprisingly elongated for rice grain, and turns out to be even elongated following cooked. This can be either slightly dark or completely dull in color assortment possessing more flavor. Whenever cooked, our IR 36 rice is fluffier and lighter than standard white rice as well as does not glue together. Further, the sweet taste and its fragrance have created rice a delicacy. At the point when cooked with flavors and presented with conventional Indian curries, our rice is tasty and rich in nature.

Key Points:

  • Separates effectively as by nature, they are light
  • Every grain is prepared under good atmosphere, plantation and soil
  • Utilized as a part of useful nutritional and food applications
  • Simple to process because of vitamins and sugars