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Sharbati Rice

Sharbati in dialect of Hindi signifies it juicy and sweet. Our sharbati rice is non-basmati range. As the name proposes, it has enriched flavor, with amazing aroma and tempting taste. It includes required dietary filaments and is additionally call younger sibling of Pusa Basmati Rice. By numerous food businesses, our sharbati rice is acknowledged as biryani rice. It is an assortment of long grain rice, well known for the sensitive flavor and aroma. The grains are elongated than they are long as well as they become considerably longer as they prepare or cook. The after preparing extension is excessive than twice its normal length, the smell and taste has made it a tact.

Key Points:

  • Stay isolated in the wake of being cooked
  • Developed to safeguard its sensitive fragrance
  • Storage only in odor free, clean, dry, well ventilated and cool condition
  • Round grained rice that is polished